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What exactly is Coselling ?

Coselling is a new word that we coined, and a Coseller is someone who earns their living through Coselling. It is a new way to make money through retail that leverages digital content and community engagement

Leverage your power of influence by posting useful information/articles/reviews on any social media, chat, blog, media, or other system.
When people see and click on the links that you have shared, the click is recorded with attribution to you, the Coseller.
When people purchase products through your links, you earn money “Network Earnings”, by being paid a “Networking Fee” for your advertising, marketing, media, and networking services.

How to Make Coselling Work for you

Join to Earn

The first step is to create an account on

Share To Earn

When you share content such as a product link or even an article link from, you qualify for a share of earnings that may arise from people clicking on your share.

People share Cosell Link!

People share and click such links across the Internet, and through this social activity often discover, engage with, and eventually purchase digital and physical products, as well as services.

Whenever such a purchase occurs, System is able to understand all the links the buyer clicked on from initial discovery to final purchase, and then pays a share of profits to all the appropriate Cosellers in this chain of influence.

Purchases payout from 20% to 40% and even higher, so Share To Earn is a great way to participate in no-pressure soft-selling because a Coseller does not have to close the sale to earn from a purchase.

Cosellers can share content across any web1, web2, and web3 platform on the Internet, including the likes of TikTok, Instagram, Snap, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, email, blogs, websites, and so on.

Anyplace where content may be uploaded or shared and a URL or link may be added, is a perfect place for Coselling.

How to access your wallet?

Join to Earn

Welcome to the login shoptype page and signin

Login as a coseller

Welcome to the login shoptype page and signin

shoptype Wallet

Go to Wallet to see you earnings and connect your stripe account there

Withdraw Money

Login using your stripe credentials and withdraw money to your bank account